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A Community concert band
located in  auburn, ca



Brass Ensemble at Veteran's Day Parade

November 2016, Downtown Auburn

​​​Tenor Saxophone

Ted Lindberg

Vince Warm, ​Secretary**

Baritone Saxophone

Ellen Bell​

Mary Whitmore


​Pat Bueb, Vice Pres.**    

Jeff Gooding  

​Karin Hofland​

Meredith Killinger** Librarian

Miranda Kore

Roy McKibben*

Craig Thomas​,​ ​President**

French Horn

Angela Costa-Jones

Steve Fernald*

Marisa Grebe

Experienced and committed  players welcome! Please send an email expressing your interest to, or call Craig Thomas, President, at 530-305-5897. The band is made up of volunteer musicians who rehearse during the school year on Wednesday evenings from 6:45 to 9:15 at E. V. Cain Middle School, 150 Palm Ave. in Auburn. Members pay annual dues and assist with volunteer duties such as concert setup, section leader, publicity, fundraising, etc.


Jim Kepfer​​

*Section Leader

** Board of Directors


Greg Hussa


George Preston

​Mary Preston, ​ ​Treasurer**​​


Mark Meeker

Walter Webb


​Eric Chun


Meghan Laws

Andrea McKibben*

​Caroline Rueb

Kristen Soejoto


Marie Childers

Doug Davies*

Janys Jordan

David Lake

Joelle Lake

Steve McElroy

​Jan Muff

​Roberta Sullivan

Bass Clarinet

Kay McCammond​

Alto Saxophone

Gary Anderson

​Lori Yarborough, Webmaster​