A Community concert band
located in  auburn, ca

​Email: info@auburnwinds.org


Jim Kepfer​​


Meghan Laws

Andrea McKibben*

​Caroline Rueb

Kristen Soejoto

Sandy Strautman


Marie Childers

Doug Davies*

Janys Jordan

David Lake

Joelle Lake

Steve McElroy

​Roberta Sullivan

Bass Clarinet

Kay McCammond​

Alto Saxophone

Gary Anderson

​Lori Yarborough, Webmaster​

    Brass Ensemble at Veteran's Day Parade

    November 2016, Downtown Auburn

    *Section Leader

    ** Board of Directors

    Experienced and committed  players welcome! Please send an email expressing your interest to info@auburnwinds.org, or call Craig Thomas, President, at 530-305-5897. The band is made up of volunteer musicians who rehearse during the school year on Wednesday evenings from 6:45 to 9:15 at E. V. Cain Middle School, 150 Palm Ave. in Auburn. Members pay annual dues and assist with volunteer duties such as concert setup, section leader, publicity, fundraising, etc.


    Noah Bromberg

    Larry Faller

    Greg Hussa


    George Preston

    ​Mary Preston, ​ ​Treasurer**​​


    Mark Meeker

    Walter Webb


    Bill Borba

    ​Eric Chun

    Dorothy Lewis

    Patricia Leftridge


    Tenor Saxophone

    Ted Lindberg

    Vince Warm, ​Secretary**

    Baritone Saxophone

    Ellen Bell​

    Mary Whitmore


    ​Pat Bueb, Vice Pres.**    

    Jeff Gooding  

    ​Karin Hofland​

    Meredith Killinger** Librarian

    Miranda Kore

    Roy McKibben*

    Craig Thomas​,​ ​President**

    French Horn

    Angela Costa-Jones

    Steve Fernald*

    ​Marni Johnson